CW 14 (30th March – 5th April) Mongo DB

This week mongoDB has been installed to store the image subset metadata for tags retrieval.

MongoDB is an open source, NoSQL database based on key-value store, where each item in the database is stored as an attribute together with its value. MongoDB has a dynamic schema which allows insertion of extra fields at any time, because the schema is not predefined as in the case of relational databases.

MongoDB has been chosen as it is a free, open source, NoSQL database. It is easy to install and use and provides good documentation covering all aspects of deployment and usage as well as additional resources such as user groups, guides, webinars and many more. Because of its dynamic schema, new fields can be inserted at any time, which is especially useful for this project, as the requirements are not known well in advance.

Following installation guide available from the official mongoDB website, the installation process was very smooth and quick. No problems were encountered.

To learn how to use MongoDB and how to insert the required data, I have used the ‘Reference’ section of mongoDB manual. Each subsection contains a clear explanation with specific examples and references to other material. MogoDB official website also provides free online courses at
To insert the subset metadata and index model ID into mongoDB, a python program has been written.

Screenshot from 2015-04-05 10_55_51

Figure 1: Snapshot of program to insert data into MongoDB

All python programs have been written in iPython notebook, as shown in Figure 1, which is a web based interactive python development environment.

Figure 2 below demonstrates the output of findOne() command, that returns documents which satisfy the queried criteria. In Figure 2, the specified criteria is for the first document from the Ireland and UK image collection, which is the metadata for the first image from the subset.

Figure 2: MongoDB result of findOne() command

Figure 2: MongoDB result of findOne() command

In addition to the work on MongoDB, Executive Summary of the project, Service Description, Service Analysis, Management Report and Interface Rationale section has been written for Final Delivery Documentation.

The work over the next 3 weeks will involve building a web server, integrating it with the user interface and continuing the writing of the Final Delivery Documentation.


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